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A simple, flexible and tax-efficient solution

Centuria LifeGoals is the simple, flexible and tax efficient investment solution that can help you achieve your long-term goals in a way that suits you. Often a misunderstood product, investment bonds are back in the spotlight and Centuria are working hard to help break down the structure of these investments to show how all types of investor profiles can use these products in their wealth planning.

How investment bonds work

The name ‘investment bond’ can be misleading as these aren’t like fixed or government bonds.

Instead, an investment bond is a combination of a life insurance policy and a managed fund, where your investment is pooled with others and invested in various asset classes. These vehicles are used for long-term investing and are flexible and tax efficient enough to give investors more choice in how they invest (and how long for).


It is easy to set up your investment and a regular savings plan via our online application form.

Plus you don't have to declare earnings from your investment in your annual tax return or keep any ongoing tax records while your investment is held. We will send you annual reports and regular confirmations to keep you updated on your investment.

You can transfer ownership of your Centuria LifeGoals investment at any time without tax implications if the transfer is made for no consideration. The original start date is retained for tax purposes.

Tax efficiency

One of the most popular features we have found for users of investment bonds, is if you invest for 10 years (while consistently meeting the 125% rule) you can then access your entire investment with no additional tax to pay. The 125% rule allows you to invest up to 125% of the previous year’s total investment, meaning you can invest more every year and grow your portfolio. During this time, the tax payable on the investment earnings of your Centuria LifeGoals investment (charged at 30%) is paid on your behalf by Centuria.


Life is unpredictable and you never know when you might need to access your money (or simply want to start spending sooner). With the flexibility of Centuria LifeGoals, you can make withdrawals at any point and you don’t have to wait until retirement. If you withdraw before the 10 year mark, the only tax you pay is the difference between the 30% tax paid and your own tax rate. It’s that simple.

Investment choice

Centuria LifeGoals offers a menu of externally managed investment options, carefully selected by Centuria. Extensive research was conducted in the fund selection process to deliver access to some of the high quality fund managers in their sectors.

How can LifeGoals help you achieve your financial goals…

Everyone’s financial situation is different and Centuria LifeGoals is used for meeting a wide range of financial goals. Here are just a couple of examples as to how Centuria LifeGoals can help you:

Alternative to superannuation
Investment bonds are becoming more popular due to the flexibility they offer over superannuation. With investment bonds you can invest as much as you want each year while meeting the 125% rule (without being held back by annual contribution limits) and access your money before retirement. Also, with Centuria LifeGoals there’s no contribution tax to pay and it doesn’t form part of your estate which can be extremely helpful if you are using this investment as part of your estate planning.

Peace of mind estate planning

If you want to invest for your family, or gift your investment bond to a loved one, you as the bond owner and life insured can leave your Centuria LifeGoals to a nominated beneficiary/ies without any additional tax to pay (or disruption of the 10 year period).

See more examples of how Centuria LifeGoals can help you achieve your financial goals.

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